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USA Pool And Toy is is a major wholesale toy and novelty distributor to toy stores, specialty retail shops, hotel gift shops, beach shops, swimming pool supply stores and so much more.  For wholesale information, please call us at 877/950-7665.  Sales certificate is required to purchase at wholesale price levels.  Prices shown ARE NOT wholesale. Registration is required to view wholesale pricing to protect our customers.
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Water Bouncer Round Wholesale Pool Toy Water Sports Ball Pool Toy Octopus Splash Bomb Water Toy Set of 3
Water Sports Ball Toy
Our Price: $4.97
Water Sport Ball
List Price: $4.97
Our Price: $4.97
Octopus Splash Bomb Water Toy Set of 3
List Price: $11.97
Our Price: $8.97
Save $3.00!
This Water Bouncer water toy can be used on lakes, rivers, pools - wherever there is water!! Too cool. Nothing like it. Hours and hours of fun. Ages 6+

Minimum order is 12 pieces.  Ships in a multicolor assortment.
Water Sport Ball from USA Pool & Toy is the BEST water ball ever invented.  Lighter, softer, safer and it bounces on ANY surface - land or water.  Floats when not in use. Assorted colors. Our Octopus Splash Bomb Water Toy comes in a set of 3.  This water toy is not only cute, its a BLAST to play with.  Simply hold the Octopus under water and let it soak up water.  The toss back and forth for wacky wet fun!  Assorted colors.  SET OF 3.
Underwater Soccer Ball Swimming Pool Water Toy Splashy Dashers Squiddy Super Subbie Water Pool Toys
Dive Toys Swimming Pool Set of 4 Dive Sticks Soak
List Price: $11.97
Our Price: $9.97
Save $2.00!
Underwater Soccer Ball for hours of soccer fun - but in your swimming pool. Inflate the ball to neutral buoyancy with the included universal adaptor and water from any hose - then kick away.

The best selling pool toy of all time! Squiddy operates with 2 AA batteries. 12 pieces of assorted colors per inner carton; 24 pieces per outer carton. There is nothing kids love more than diving for things on the bottom of a swimming pool. Add color to the mix this year with our fun diving toys! This 4 piece Dive Stick set. Includes mesh travel/storage bag to keep everything in one place. Durable yet soft. 7+
Soak 9" Football Swimming Pool Toy Splash Saucer 12 Piece Assortment Monster Size Fish Football Pool Toy Soak
Soak 9" Football Water Toy for Beach, Backyard More
List Price: $11.97
Our Price: $9.97
Save $2.00!
Monster Size 28" Fish Football Pool Toy Soak
List Price: $19.97
Our Price: $14.97
Save $5.00!
This 9" Soak Football is a blast to play with no matter where you are. Great pool toy for the backyard and easy to take with you to the beach for a pick-up game in the surf.  Top quality football crafted of durable neoprene.  Great for beach and outdoor games. Heavy-duty stiching for durability.  Assorted colors. Great new addition to our pool/water toy product line. Splash Saucer comes in several bright colors. Fun. Fun. Fun. Great as party favors too!
Our MONSTER Fish Football Pool Toy is so much fun that kids won't put it down!!! Whopping 28"!
  • Floating on the water or play like a giant fish football with your family
  • Durable, lightweight and waterproof
  • The awesome design makes a huge impression
  • Bright and fun colors that kids will love
  • Made with high quality Neoprene
  • Assorted colors.
Froggy Water Sports Ball Toy Set of 3 Froggy Water Bouncer Wholesale Toy Game Bouncing Pads Soak USA Beach Game
Beach and Backyard Game Bouncing Pads Soak USA
List Price: $21.97
Our Price: $18.97
Save $3.00!
Boing, boing, boing!  Our Froggy Water Bouncer Ball toy is no ordinary ball! This guy bounces off water but it's safe too!  Made of soft material on the inside with a frog shell on the outside.  Set of 3 frog water sports balls. Our wholesale Froggy Water Bouncer Ball toy is no ordinary frog! Just like our top selling Water Bouncer, Froggy really bounces on the water. Peggable There is NOTHING more fun than playing games on the beach with the sun shining and the surf nearby to cool off. Bouncing Pads with fringy ball is the PERFECT beach game. Fun yet challenging.

  • Made with high quality Neoprene and a heavy-duty mesh center
  • Includes 2 bouncing pads and 2 balls
  • Durable, lightweight and waterproof
  • Play in the pool, backyard, at the beach or anywhere games are played
  • Make up your own games and even play by yourself
Bottle Cap Water Toys UFO 12 Piece Asst Mini Torpedo Shark Toss 24 Piece Display
Wholesale water toys UFO 24 Piece Display.  5 inch foam swimming pool toy UFO flyers when filled with water will spray when thrown like a Frisbee! Easy to throw, and soggy to catch! Fun for the pool, beach, or backyard sprinkler. Assorted colors. Best seller for 10 years this Mini Torpedo Shark 24 piece display includes 3 different color mini torpedo shark toss. Great for parties. Also available in 3 piece color assortment.