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Sun Tattoos Set of 5 Soltat Sun Tattoos Set of 5 Soltat

Sun Tattoos are stick-on sun tattoos! Designed by SolTat, each sun tattoo is made of super-durable, textured EVA foam backed by a layer of hypoallergenic, waterproof adhesive. This combination maximizes the durability and utility of the product in withstanding the outdoors, and securely fitting on the body, sharpening the natural tan tattoo design.

Each pattern is uniquely created to embody and the colors bring a splash of passion that represent the energy of the sun and being active outdoors. The resulting natural tan tattoos will catch others attention and tell the world about your interests.

This set includes anchor, dolphin, palm tree, sea turtle and sea horse! Each package includes 2 sun tattoos. 5 piece assortment will provide you with 10 sun tattoos!!!

List Price: $14.97
Our Price: $12.97
Save $2.00!
Vino2Go Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Lowball Wine Tumbler 9 oz Stainless Steel Wine Glass 9 Ounce Vino2Go 2 Pack

I think this is my favorite glass this summer. I've been using it every day at porch sitting time and it keeps my wine, beer or water chilled perfectly! MUST HAVE for all wine lovers! Keeps wine at same temp longer than regular wine glass. Perfect for the beach, pool, boating, backyard and more.

Price is for a 2 pack of stainless steel tumblers.

Our Price: $13.97
Wholesale Water Jet Hose Pressure Washer 12 Pieces Water Jet Hose Power Pressure Washer

Wholesale Water Jet Hose Pressure Washer 2 Pieces

List Price: $21.97
Our Price: $18.97